Before you go ugh at the sound of a soy patty burger, let me start by saying I once thought that way too. I vividly remember the first time I attempted having a vegetarian burger in Toronto – a fellow backpacker I met at the hostel was so enthusiastic about introducing the restaurant, I couldn’t […]


Continuing where I had left off from my previous post on Christchurch, we finally got to Queenstown that night, and we  were STARVING!  What I really liked about Queenstown is that everything is congregated in the city centre – there are residential areas further out towards Arrowtown, but the heart of the town is where […]


The past week has been crazy – heading for rehearsals, then having three hours of sleep before I wake up for work, squeeze in whatever sleep I can, and rehearsals again. The cycle continues. But I know as tiring as it may seem, this is all part of the process, and just small sacrifices I […]


A simple WhatsApp conversation I had with a friend yesterday probably triggered this post. That, in addition to the backlog of travel posts of my recent trip to Perth and New Zealand in July. The last time I counted – I saw Andrew 3 months in total last year, that’s about once every four months. […]

#europe2013whaddup – SPAIN (GRANADA PART 2)

I’m really thankful that with the flexibility of my job – however, that said, I’ve to work weekends when others don’t. But anyways, because I get random weekdays off, it gives me time to run some errands and do other stuff like update my blog while I chill my cookie dough in the fridge! I’m […]