#europe2013whaddup – LONDON

With this post on London, I conclude my whirlwind crazy adventure to Europe, which was also the first time I stepped foot into the continent. I really enjoyed my trip – there are trips you take with specific people and from there, create memories with, only which the few of you share. I find that […]

#europe2013whaddup – MADRID (PART 3)

Okay so the arrangement has been pretty confusing thus far, but here’s my last post on Spain, and this time, on Madrid. We spent about a day and a half roaming around the city before we took a flight back to London from Madrid-Barajas airport. Anyway, it’s London up next… West End, Buckingham Palace and […]

#europe2013whaddup – SPAIN (SEVILLE)

Day 5 After getting feedback from *cough*ANDREW*cough* that my posts are too lengthy, I decided to shorten my trip to Seville in one post. (Look what you did now, Andrew!) We loved Granada so much, we really couldn’t bear to leave. Seville, on the other hand, was a little too touristy for my liking. I […]

#europe2013whaddup – SPAIN (GRANADA PART 2)

I’m really thankful that with the flexibility of my job – however, that said, I’ve to work weekends when others don’t. But anyways, because I get random weekdays off, it gives me time to run some errands and do other stuff like update my blog while I chill my cookie dough in the fridge! I’m […]