It’s been two years since I came up with the concept for this blog – it began in January 2011. I had intended to keep a database of recipes that were tried, tested and recommended by my sister and I.

My sister and I (why yes hello, I’m Deborah) spend a lot of time in the kitchen, mostly because of my grandmother is a wonderful cook, makes wonderful Asian desserts and whose curry I’ll never get tired of. My sister loves to cook, mostly bake, and I love to write – thus this blog.

I mostly write about food, anything about food really – the good, the bad and the ugly. From what’s in my fridge, food reviews, my latest finds from overseas to why you should eat fries (and which everyone knows, I’m totally in love with other than my bed).

I once interned at epicure magazine, a gourmet lifestyle magazine in Singapore. When I wasn’t pulling the odds and ends together, I hunted down the top 10 pork knuckles, duck confit and kueh lapis, rubbed shoulders with internationally renowned chefs, and penned pieces on monthly Masterclasses.

I dabble in many things.

Let’s see, writing: I’ve done some freelance writing, and my work has been featured in inSing/hungrygowhere, Motherhood etc. I contribute to my church’s quarterly newsletter. I also have a degree in English Literature with a minor in Communication Studies from Nanyang Technology University in Singapore – yes, one can never get tired of reading and writing.

I’m an aspiring performer: I’ve taught speech and drama, have taken speech and drama, and on Mondays and Tuesdays, I challenge my coordination abilities at ballet, jazz and tap. I’m in my church choir. I also sing in the shower, and am currently in Singapore Repertory Theatre’s Young Co. I’ve been told I resemble Dora the Explorer, so perhaps that’s a talent too.


I also bake, and have had a lifetime’s worth of Ben & Jerry’s when I was a scoopy there. I aspire to start a book cafe, but I’m more inclined to having my own food truck.

You can follow me on Instagram: @deborahahah_


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