I’ve never considered myself a “good” baker, I merely like to bake for leisure and for family and friends to enjoy the treats. But last week, I put my baking skills to the test.

I toiled in the kitchen for hours, had to throw away one cake, but still emerged from the kitchen with two cakes to sell. All this was for charity – the bake sale was an event organised by my company, and they had called for bakers to come forward to contribute.

I made two items of which I was fairly confident of making – a red velvet cake covered in cream cheese, and a banana pie. I even made my own cake toppers/buntings in an effort to make it look a little more attractive heh.

I must say, baking had never been that stressful – I made a joke and told my father that it requires a certain amount of confidence in one’s baking skills to contribute to the event. People made cupcakes, egg tarts, brownies, all the sweet treats you could think of.

I was very grateful to those who came forward to buy a slice – I was so worried the cream cheese would melt and turn out gross – but it all went well! I got good reviews and managed to finish selling everything within 1.5 hours, and we eventually raised more than $2k for charity. Wow!

Till the next bake sale!





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