Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m not the most particular person when it comes to my makeup. In fact, I swore by nothing except a good sunblock daily up till I started work about 1.5 years ago. So what prompted the change? That’s because I noticed my skin looked dull, my complexion was still good, but it just looked dull, sigh. I blame it on the process of ageing.

It’s not that bad, really. And so I’ve since started to use some makeup, but always buying the basic ones – as long as they were affordable, that’s all I really care about. By the way, I get my stash from Watsons, some others from Sephora, it’s a mix really.

Even then, I was still not satisfied. My makeup would never last, and by the end of the working day, my face looked dull again. I hate touching up if I have to stay out after work, and live with what I feel is a thick, heavy layer of makeup (but in fact it is nowhere near that). I was still on the lookout for something to brighten my look.

And then, I found it…

Take today for example, I completed a full day of work, and with rehearsals after that, my day ended at 11pm. 12am in fact, by the time I headed home, but my makeup still stayed on well!

I’m pretty open when it comes to using makeup – and tend to rely on recommendations from people like Michelle Phan and Jenn Im. I’m amazed by Michelle’s ability to make something bland come to life. Jenn is a cutie, plus her fashion sense is out of this world. I also rely on blogs for makeup recommendations, but with a discerning eye since so many posts are flooded with product sponsorships nowadays.

Ok, so my point really, my September buys which I am really satisfied with, even more than satisfied perhaps. So much so that I had to share them on my blog 🙂

#1 Nyx Matt Lipstick in Tea Rose

Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 12.39.07 AM

NYX Matte Lipsticks are highly pigmented, richly formulated and long-wearing. The formula glides on smoothly and stays put in a matte finish. From Pure Red to Nude, Matte Lipsticks are available in a variety of rich shades.

I love the shade I got – I don’t think I can pull off a deep ruby red on a daily basis, although I must admit, it does look really good on Asian skin… at times. I got mine in tea rose, it’s supposedly mauve-pink which should be a pale-lavender lilac. I didn’t want anything too obvious or blinding when people look at me, so this colour is just nice. It’s rich enough for my skin tone, and gives the added tint I want for my face. I’m still trying to get used to using lipstick, I’ve always used lip gloss and never had to worry about “staining my straw”.

An aside, but growing up, I always freaked out at my mom’s red lipstick stain on straws. She would then proceed to use the same straw with the stain on. I always cringed at the sight of that, I always felt it was as if one was eating chunks of lipstick.

Okay, I digress but the best part of it all? This lipstick is damn cheap. It’s selling for just $9-$12 at Sephora. The price varies according to whether it’s matt or glossy.

I’ve also started to become more aware of where the products I use are made in – this one is made in Taiwan.

#2 Nyx Powder Blush in Desert Rose

Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 12.52.38 AM

Our pressed powder blush delivers sheer, silky color that glides on, blends beautifully and creates a natural glow. The formula is richly-pigmented and lasts for hours.

I haven’t started using this yet – I hope to test it out over the weekend when I get more time. It’s too risky for me to experiment with this just before I head to work and then end up looking like a clown. The lady at Sephora said that it’s really important to blend this well because the colours are pretty rich. But she did a pretty nice job when she tried this on me at Sephora. I’m such a sucker for such things. Once again, the price? $12 or so, I can’t remember. *making another trip to Sephora to buy more Nyx products*

#3 Tony Moly Latte Art Milk Tea Morning Pack


Moisturizing and silky makeup preparation pack. Multifunction – Makeup starter, Moisture Cream, Primer. Soft usage / Constant hydration Whitening + Wrinkle care (Includes ‘Milk Creamy Essence’)

Saving the best for last, this is a wonderful makeup base, I wonder why it took me so long to find this product. It costs around $25-$28, but for the amount you’re getting which is slightly bigger than a tube of toothpaste, I reckon it’s pretty worth it. You don’t have to squeeze a huge amount, I barely even squeeze a coin-sized amount daily. The cream feels so light on the skin, and you don’t get a strong scent from the “milk tea”. It’s one of the best facial/makeup products I’ve ever used!

Okay, I’ve sacrificed like an hour of sleep for this! It’s going to be another day of rehearsals and work tomorrow, onward!


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