Thought I’ll do a quick post before I head to bed. I chanced upon this video by Mandy Tay which was initially posted on Yahoo! Singapore’s webpage, which you can read about here. The background to this story is equally as fascinating, if not more, than the video.

The video reminds me to constantly push ourselves forward out of our comfort zone, and to remove our narrow-mindedness and open our eyes to the world. It reminds us to…. just live! Life is more than just getting annoyed at the person who blocked your way when you’re in a rush, or squeezing with millions of others on a packed train in the morning. Life is beautiful, and I say that with every bit of my heart.

Do what you love, and do it well. Love the ones around you, and as always, have a good heart.

And if you loved the music in the video as much as I did, it’s Paperman by Christophe Beck.

These next two weeks are going to be crazy but extremely fulfilling. Perhaps I’m crazy like that. It’s work during the day then rehearsals almost every night for our upcoming production Trojan Women by the Singapore Repertory Theatre. But acting is something I really love doing, YOLO!

Performance dates: Friday 20th September (8pm) and Saturday 21st September (4pm, 8pm)

Do support local theatre!



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