The cafe, bar and restaurant scene in Singapore is glowing! I think the food scene has really matured here. Every other week, I hear of a new cafe opening, to the point that I can’t keep up. I am truly impressed, especially since some of our cafes are on par with the ones in Australia. But to be honest, I was telling my friend, PS, that as much as I appreciate having these cafes around, their menus become a little blah after a while. You’ll see the standard range of coffees, and without a doubt, eggs benedict and truffle fries.

“What else can they offer?” I wondered.

I guess what I’m looking for nowadays goes beyond their food on offer, but rather, the experience – be it, nice interiors or commendable service standards.  Anyway, here’s two restaurants and cafes I checked out on National Day. Plus, I ate so much truffle fries, I honestly thought I was going to morph into a fat truffle fry.


Table Manners

Ribbet collage

food 005

food 006
food 001

It might seem a little out of the way, especially if you don’t live in the East, but for people who do, Table Manners is a refreshing find… plus, you can shop right after at Changi City Point or in my mother’s case, FairPrice Finest which is a stone’s throw away at Changi Business Park. I love the concept behind Table Manners – many of the tables here are connected like a long bench that gets twisted (I’m sure I could do a better description than that), so you’re somehow made to sit next to someone you don’t know.

And if you’re feeling awkward, their table mat offers various conversation starters such as, “What is the best conversation stopper?”, “Is there a way to save a burp?”, and this one’s my favourite… “How many ways are there to tell someone that there is something in his teeth?” You also get to customise your lunch – I chose three items from their veg menu (Truffle Fries, Charboiled Broccolli and Spaghetti), and that comes up to just $10. YAH, I know right, 10 bucks, it’s a steal. We also had Mushroom Ragout, Salmon and Asparagus – that makes it one meat and 2 veg for $13.50. Hey, that sounds like an Ang Moh 菜饭.

The portions seemed more like tasting portions, but it was filling. Also, I hear their dinner menu is different from the one at lunch, so that will be for another visit. All in all, this place is fun, you can be picky about your food, and the interiors are simple and sleek, without trying too hard.

Table Manners
5 Changi Business Park Central 1

Tel: 6604 7669


food 008

food 011

food 012

food 013

food 014

food 015

food 017

My first reaction to their menu was, WAH SO EXPENSIVE. Sorry I’m just cheap like that. It was also slightly cramped although rather cosy. I was going to pass judgement on Symmetry, until my tea came. Such lovely presentation, even their cups are labelled “Symmetry”. Please, effort. The owners really pay attention to the little details, you can tell – our cutlery was served on this rock slab? aww, it reminded me of the Anthropologie store that my heart of stone melted. Then, the truffle fries came, it was pretty damn good. It wasn’t too oily and had enough potato in it, if that even makes sense.

And their service… it was hard to get their attention at many points, but what probably impressed PS and I most was, I’m guessing the barista? IDK. Anyway, PS ordered a Caramel Macchiato, and he came to tell her that if she was expecting one that we usually get at Starbucks, i.e the big tall glass… that was not the case. Instead, it was just going to be a shot of espresso with caramel, served in your espresso cup. He must have met so many non-hardcore coffee drinks who have gotten it wrong. SHAME ON US.

Oh and lastly, if I must rave, PLEASE CHECK OUT THE TOILETS. There were candles lit, with books in the cubicles – it was more for aesthetic purposes, I would be quite grossed out if people actually read those books. And the sinks, they were so high-tech for non-hightech me, I loved it! I waved my hands like a mad child but still, I couldn’t get the tap to work. I experienced this in New Zealand too. Luckily, I entered the hall of shame once, I learnt my lesson, never again. So the tap works when you step on this thing on floor, so high-tech please. Oh and their dustbin caught my eye too. GO SEE.


9 Jalan Kubor
Tel: 6291 9901

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