It’s been almost two months since the run of Othello – but nevertheless, it deserves a post.

From the company that brought you A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Much Ado About Nothing, Macbeth and Twelfth Night.

Spread a blanket under the stars and immerse yourself in the dark and treacherous world of Othello, one of Shakespeare’s great tragedies of love wrecked by jealousy. Whether you are intrigued by the story of love, deception and greed, or just want to enjoy a bottle of blood-red wine al fresco, Othello promises to be an unforgettable evening for all.

Shakespeare in the Park has become a highly anticipated event and a highlight of Singapore’s annual calendar. 

Do not miss this amazing outdoor theatre experience!


The Moor general Othello makes an enemy of his ensign Iago when he promotes the younger Cassio over him. Iago vows revenge, and schemes to make Othello believe that his new bride, the fair Desdemona, has been unfaithful to him.

Othello’s suspicious and distrustful nature makes him easy prey to Iago’s manipulations. His obsessive love for Desdemona soon turns into uncontrolled jealousy, with tragic consequences for all involved.

A tale of ambition, envy, treachery and eventually murder, Othello is one of Shakespeare’s finest tragedies. 

To the many who watched it at Fort Canning Park, I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU! You don’t realise how important the audience is, till you’re on the other side – on the stage, that is. From seeing a sold-out crowd especially on weekdays, Fridays are not included… really, wow, and to hearing and feeling their responses – you know they are listening, you can feel their presence on stage, from their oohs to their ahhs, and boos when the villains emerged.

It wasn’t an entirely easy process, with work on hand – that meant shorter sleeping hours. I think everyone was amazed at my ability to pack my schedule that tightly. Even I was amazed at how determined I was. But hey, I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. In fact, I’ll do it all over again!

…mosquitoes at Fort Canning Park?

Pfft, come get me.


382484_10152878511320241_449432905_n (1)

And of course, I really really really appreciated my friends and family who came by to catch the performance. I tried to manage their expectations, and they were still insistent on coming. I am forever grateful! 🙂






And then, the people who made it fabulous, we had such a diverse cast and production crew…




Lastly, I couldn’t have done it without the company of my fellow Young Co members.

..Till our next performance!


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