As much as I love talking about food, taking pictures of food (and which studies show that I may have mental problems, but I do it anyway), and eating of course, I tend not to indulge extravagantly or eat big meals on a day to day basis. Simply because, it’s too expensive! With so many cheaper alternatives options in Singapore, I’m perfectly content with having a good packet of 菜饭/chicken rice or a Subway tuna sandwich, if I’m having a meal on my own. But of course, when the occasion arises, I’m more than willing to splurge on food (and still retaining a certain degree of control). In these situations, be it a friend’s farewell party or a loved one’s birthday, it’s really about savouring such moments over a good meal.

Given that Father’s Day is just around the corner, I’ve thought of two places you could bring your entire family to for a good, hearty meal. I think it gets trickier when choosing where to eat for your father than mother. In my case, my father loves Asian cuisine, or more specifically, Chinese food. Take him to a good Chinese restaurant or even better, a Teochew restaurant, and you know you’ll never go wrong. Alternatively, a place with good steaks. As for my mom, she’s likes cafes, or anywhere with Western soup, sandwiches and tea. See what my brain has to deal with every time?

I tried to marry the two in this case.  Here’s two establishments worth splurging on, without busting your bank account.

#1 Au Petit Salut 

june 11 (3)Flaked smoked haddock, beetroot, Hibiscus puree and Ko Giku flowers

june 11 (4)
Baked Burgundy snails, bone marrow, garlic & parsley butter

june 11 (5)
Slow cooked lamb shoulder, roast eggplant, capers & cornichons

june 11 (6)Bavette steak, ‘Pommes Mousseline’, fricassée of sweet corn and Brussels sprouts

june 11 (8)
Crème Caramel

june 11 (9)
Choux buns filled with vanilla ice cream, warm chocolate sauce and sliced almonds

Back in April, I took my dad out on his birthday for lunch. I was given full control over where to eat and what to eat. One of my options was a hotel restaurant buffet – variety is always good right? I scratched that out after doing some research. First, it was too mainstream. Second, I had to fork out about $60 per person (before taxes) for the good ones, and third, I’m really bad at doing buffets. I’ve dined at Au Petit Salut once, when I was on an assignment to find the best duck confit in Singapore. The food was pretty good, but what really left an impression was the ambience, making it an ideal place to head to for a business meeting or days where you just want to sit around and have a long lunch. I remember telling my father we were having French food. I wanted him to try something different for once, and his first response was “huh”. Au Petit Salut proved him wrong, he walked away with praises for the food.

We had the set lunch at $36++ per person. For starters, we had the haddock and escargots. The starters weren’t my favourite, simply because I don’t think I fancy the idea of eating snails. Yes, I know it’s a delicacy. That was probably the second time I’ve ever had escargots in my life. You’ve got to give them a thumbs up for their presentation though, every dish was well-thought out, and presented like a work of art. I had the Bavette steak next, and my dad had the lamb shoulder. The lamb shoulder was really tender, but I’m not a fan of the smell of mutton. My steak was so good, I loved every bit of it. My dad kept picking off my plate too, it was really yummy. Plus it was topped with corn? I was sold.

And finally, the desserts. We couldn’t finish the crème caramel because it was too sweet for our liking. The choux buns were great, but we were too stuffed from the feasting earlier. I really got to give 10 plus points to their restaurant and staff. I called them up before coming, requesting a candle for my dad’s birthday. And when they finally brought out the dessert, my dad was not expecting the birthday wishes and candle at all. He was definitely pleasantly surprised. Plus, the stealthy waiter pulled it off really well. I think restaurants should start including that in their training manual. One of their criteria should be: Successfully surprise the customer on their birthday. Another place which does a good birthday surprise is Oriole Cafe and Bar.

Au Petit Salut

40C Harding Road
Tel: 6475 1976

#2 P.S Cafe 
june 11 (10)
King Prawn Aglio Olio

june 11 (11)
Mushroom Wellington

june 11 (12)
Truffle fries

june 11 (13)
Carrot cake

june 11 (14)


I’ve always wanted to try the food at P.S Cafe. I always knew P.S Cafe as the place with awesome truffle fries and its famous sticky date pudding. But popular vote won, and we had the carrot cake instead. It was decent, but not fantastic. What I liked most about the outlet at Palais Renaissance was first, the interiors. It was simple, homely and not pretentious. Second, the huge food portions for about $20 plus per dish, I thought that was pretty okay. Juls, Nick and I shared two mains and a side of truffle fries and we were stuffed. The mushroom wellington was fine, truffle fries were awesome as expected, but it was the king prawn aglio olio that took our breaths away. Very flavourful and topped with succulent prawns. I would have that same dish on my next trip. It was lunch hour when we visited, and it being located in the heart of Orchard Road, we should have expected the crowd. We struggled to get the waiters’ attention many times, which was pretty frustrating, but…. king prawn aglio olio….mmm, all is well.

P.S Cafe (Palais Renaissance)
Level 2, Palais Shopping Centre
390 Orchard Road
Tel: 9834 8232


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