I ought to be shot for neglecting this blog for two months… but wait! It is within reason. The past few months were the busiest for me, ever, in my 24 coming 25 years of existence. I don’t remember being that sleep-deprived even when I pulled an all-nighter for my uni essays. I was kept busy with rehearsals for Othello, the run itself, and one week later, Jitterbugs’ recital.

But you know what, I enjoyed myself so much. Even with 2 hours of sleep, I grumbled, but I was happy. It’s June now, but if the second half of the year is going to be like my first half, I’ll say: BRING IT.

One of the events I went to (after I repaid my sleep dept and when people finally stopped saying I looked like the walking dead) was the YouTube Fan Fest in Singapore – and only because I have a best friend whose boyfriend is terrific at winning lucky draws.

The tickets were kindly sponsored by HP (thanks HP!), which also gave us not only front row tickets to the concert, but also the meet and greet. And as much as the people who attended the event were probably 2/3 my age, I can truly say, Yeong and I watched Ryan Higa grow up. Yeah, that’s right \m/ It would have been doubly awesome to have KevJumba there, and even better, Papa Jumba, but Yeong is totally in love with Ryan, so that was more than we could have asked for.




Without sounding overly dramatic, YouTube was truly a part of my growing up years. Back in 2009 or so, I was really hooked onto watching people like Andrew Garcia, AJ Rafael, Cathy Nguyen sing, and KevJumba doing his wacky stuff. I was amazed that for some reason, they all knew each other, and I guessed lived near enough, to go “hey we’re doing a collaboration today, and Cathy just popped by”. These are YouTube sensations, it’s like having the Queen pop by for tea. Slightly dramatic there, but you know what I mean. But most importantly, I was so inspired by their talent (I think I could relate to them really well because we’re all about the same age), and that their desire and passion for music drove them so much to get to where they were. That of course, was a huge motivation to head to the US for my exchange program in 2010.


And this was the first life-changing/omg-did-this-really-happen moment, when Joe Perry from Aerosmith popped up on stage. We weren’t expecting him at all, although there was one moment when we were queuing up to get in, and I saw someone who looked a lot like Joe Perry (and who actually was Joe Perry, duh). I went, “eh? Aerosmith?” I knew they were performing that weekend, but I didn’t actually expect him to turn up at the concert.





This was the second omgwtfbbq/life-changing moment when Wesley from Wong Fu came up on stage. Ryan just went, “let’s invite Wesley on stage”. These people, they just bring the extraordinary into the ordinary.

…which brings me to,


my head

I’ll be giving away my ticket stub signed by members of Boyce Avenue.

All you have to do is: Tell me your name, where you’re from, and why you should win it.

It can’t get any easier than that. And simply, the best answer wins! I’ll mail/ship/whatever it takes to get it over to you if we’re not in the same country. I’ll be announcing the winner one week from now, that is Tuesday 11 June 2013 at 12mn (GMT +8).

Good luck!



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