I found the need to create a new category  – Shopping, or at least food shopping – it’s a ridiculous tag (as tagged below), but I’m running out of ideas.

Ok, maybe shopping for food sounds better, but it isn’t really shopping for food either :S

Let’s see, how did I get to this: I know that one thing that always gets me excited is browsing through the aisles of supermarkets, especially at the sauces and spices department, and in particular the imported ones. But what I really love is the pretty packaging and display when you head to department stores like the ones at Tangs or Marks and Spencer. It always produces a pretty picture.

Marks & Spencer (Wheelock Place)


Spotlight – not so much food, but you get my point

And when I don’t browse physically in stores, I head online.

It must have been back when I was working at the food magazine, and I had to source for food products, that I developed the habit of doing so. Imagine a job like that. Lucky me. Since I still do that often, I thought, why not include food-related products that I chance upon online? Here’s some of my latest picks from Anthropologie.

Spades Measuring Cups


Because everything looks better in colour.

Half-Dozen Egg Crate

I really love this! Forget the boring plain brown ones from the supermarket – although those make really good decorative pieces too. Someone get this for me for Christmas? 😀

Novel Cheeseboard

If you love bread, books and cheese.

Chalkboard Storage Jar

Put a few together, and it’ll make a great display. Don’t confine yourself to a simple COFFEE or TEA label

Pizza Menu Board

When you choose to take things in your own hands – great for dinner parties. Or for your day to day grocery list


4 thoughts on “ANTHROPOLOGIE

    • hehe ikr its adorable! aww there’s international shipping, but its not the same as having the physical store there. i would love to have target in my country though!!

      • Oh no, you guys don’t have Target? Where are you from? And yeah, it would suck not to have Target 😦 – I could literally spend hours in there haha!

      • i’m from Singapore, and nooo we don’t have one. my bf’s from Perth so I’ll get my stash of Target stuff whenever I visit 😦

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