The latest of many bakeries to hit our sunny shores of Singapore is Tiong Bahru Bakery. Not the most fanciful of names, in fact, it sounds like a name from the heartlands, but trust me, it’s nowhere near that. Prices, for one are testament to that. Now, I know that’s not the buzz in the local community now. Let me digress, but the spotlight is now on Bruno Menard’s &Made at Pacific Plaza, FYI.

Located in the up and coming neighbourhood, that is, Tiong Bahru of course, it’s easy to miss this bakery with the many fanciful cafes in the area. I highly recommend making a trip to Tiong Bahru for Saturday brunch / tea, it’s a refreshing find. Why pay big bucks to squeeze with the hordes of people who flock to Orchard Road on the weekends? But, I fear that this neighbourhood is going to fall victim to “commercialisation”. Right now, it’s an indie neighbourhood, with its cafes trying to find its feet in good coffee. Let’s hope for the best.

So good, even the uncles love it!

Owned by The Spa Esprit group, these guys are also the ones behind Browhaus, and in the food arena, Skinny PizzaOpen Door Policy, Forty Hands, Tippling Club – these are the ones I can think of at the moment, there could be more. It amazes me how Cynthia who is also the boss, has managed to create an empire like such from scratch – would be great to hear her talk about her business!

When it first began, I heard raving reviews of its croissants. Critics were comparing it to Maison Kayser’s (another popular one in town). Perhaps what ups the ante of TBB’s croissants and all of their pastries for that matter, is the name “Gontran Cherrier”. Cherry, what? From what I gathered from the media, it seems as if he is the godfather , let’s make that godson of pastries and croissants, since he does look pretty young.

Credit: Marie Claire France

THIS. is Gontran Cherrier. Quite a stud, if you ask me. Must be the brown, wavy hair, coupled with that half shaven look. Yum. I mean, his pastries. Yum 😉

A sneak peek at the pastries on offer. They also do breads (baguettes, buns), and savoury ones as well. I was too busy admiring the pastries, that I forgot to snap pictures of the place, and of what I bought (the chocolate croissant, squid ink bun).

I don’t want to make too many comparisons here, but having tried both croissants at Maison Kayser and TBB – and for some strange reason, I would never have them fresh. It would stay in the fridge for one or two days before I reheat it in the oven. So yes, TBB’s croissants are a little more crisp on the edges, and even when reheated after two days, it still produces a wonderfully soft, buttery interior. Speaking of buttery, these ones are definitely for those who love their butter. Unfortunately, I don’t like my croissants crisp nor too flaky, but I was still impressed. As for Maison Kayser’s, I’ve tried their croissants on two separate occasions and it’s been a hit and miss. On my lucky day, their croissants were warm, light, with a delicate interior.

Conclusion: Guess I just have to head back to TBB again. I was slightly put off by the fact that the place was so crowded, one had to brush past another in order to make your way around the place. Just remember to make reservations!

Tiong Bahru Bakery
56 Eng Hoon Street, #01-70
Tel: 6220 3430


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