Slightly ashamed to say this, but…

I admit defeat. My boyfriend bakes better than me. Now, everyone who has read my blog before know that I fair pretty okay in the kitchen. I’ve made bread, cupcakes, butter cakes, cookies and more.

But, upon seeing my bf’s latest creations, he has put me to shame (…also because I’ve tried making macarons and I’ve failed terribly). I remember telling him to start with a basic macaron, but he insisted on making a flavoured one – it worked out really well, truly amazing.

Now one thing about making macarons – I understand temperature is key. I’ve had friends tell me that they making their macarons in an air-conditioned room, or that their oven door has to be kept open when it’s being baked.

Fact? or fiction? You tell me.

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with pictures of my bf’s best macarons.

Chocolate macarons – and this was achieved on his first attempt at making macarons.

Macarons with violet buttercream

Strawberry macarons with cookie dough filling

Now, guess which macarons were made by him. He bought 2 of them from the store…
..the ones on the right were from the store. I keep telling him to work on his craft, and to sell these in Perth, where he lives. Start with the weekend markets, then later to home delivery. The home delivery system in Perth is another story altogether. I’ll save that for another time.
Maybe I’ll get my bf to blog about his secrets to making such macarons? 😉 That’ll be a treat!

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