One place to check out this weekend: Starbucks Rochester Park.

That is, before the rest of Singapore discovers this gem, and starts to flood the place. Or have they already?

One reason for the smaller numbers as compared to other Starbucks in our caffeine-loving population, could possibly be the location. It’s about a 10 minute walk from Buona Vista station, a stone’s-throw away from Rochester Park, and possibly the best reason of them all, it’s not located in a shopping mall / next to one. And you know, shopping mall-lovin Singaporeans would frown in dismay.

Whatever. It is a cozy place to check out especially if you are a die-hard fan of their drinks. I know many people who are.

(all images were taken on the iphone, using instagram)

Neat yet messy. This pleases me. Unlike many Starbucks in Singapore, this one is housed in a building of its own. It gives really quaint, countryside feel, almost as if I’m not living in an urban and too-modernised-for-its-own-good city.

There’s lots of space both inside and out, for those who prefer a little breeze. And when I say a little, it’s because its surrounded by these tall buildings, I hardly think there’ll be any chance of more than a whisper of the wind.

Cynicism aside, you’ll love the white-washed walls, wood that’s been painted white, or wood in its original state, like in its flooring.

I’ve never really been a fan of their cakes – maybe because it’s so expensive that’s why!?!

Nah, I’m just stingy.
And this of course, is the second level. I say, sit upstairs. It feels like you’re in some English home, with the leather couches, and black and white images on the wall.

Overall, a refreshing find.

Starbucks Rochester Park
37 Rochester Drive
Tel: 6684 8538

And according to their Facebook,
“It’s a short walk down North Buona Vista Rd, just 5mins away from Buona Vista MRT.
You can get there via buses 74, 91, 92, 191, 196 & 200 too”



  1. I was really disappointed with the Starbucks at Rochester Park, Singapore – it’s really dirty. The cups aren’t taken away when people leave and there are coffee stains on the white walls. It’s such a shame since the area is quiet and there is a great man-made waterfall located right next to the Starbucks, it’s so peaceful! Very disappointed with the cleanliness 😦

    • i think the two levels make it hard for the staff to keep an eye on whether the cups have been cleared. i’ve not been there in years, so it’s really sad to hear that – i remember it being a really pretty place!

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