I’ll start this post the same way I did for the previous one, and that is:

“Ever since I crossed over into the world of iPhones…”

Okay, so the apps are obviously a huge function of iPhones, which I’ve been pretty selective with. I hate having trashy apps hog my screen and space – so I usually download, review and delete.

But, since this is somewhat a food blog, I’m going to write about 3 of my favourite food-related apps which I think everyone should download.

#1 iDAT

I absolutely love this one. It’s by the Health Promotion Board in Singapore, and it’s really simple and easy to use. It calculates your calorie intake and the calories loss for any sports you completed for the day, which I think is really useful if you’re trying to cut the pounds…ahem, like me. But why this beats other health/calorie counter apps, it is extremely relevant to us Singaporeans. You’ll be able to find the number of calories for yong tau foo, chicken rice..any common local food you want to find. This app has it.

All images are credit to iTunes

Download it here  !

#2 Order Up!!

Let me warn you that this game would not be a popular choice amongst the boys. If you always wanted to own your own restaurant/cafe, you get to do so with Order Up!! Btw, the health ministry also comes by occasionally for food safety and hygeine checkups okay. So that’s how real it is, you get to eradicate rats, and get your plates squeaky clean. Then of course, for cooking noobs out there, it’s a step by step process to preparing a hamburger set, drinks, macaroni and cheese. For eg, you grate the cheese, boil the pasta and combine the two for the latter dish.

I heard that Cooking Mama was really popular, and there are similarities with this app, but the image quality of Cooking Mama Lite is really bad, IMHO.

Download it here!

#3 Fish Off!

Ok, so let me warn you that this is a highly stressful game. And although it is not directly food related, somehow it’s got to do with fish and therefore it is. So you can play against random competitors but the point of the game being you have to connect the fishes and eliminate it from your fish bowl. When you connect five or more, stone fishes drop into your opponent’s bowl and it takes a while for it to convert to normal fishes again. The game ends when the fishes fall out of either of your bowls. I love this game also because you don’t get random creepers messaging you – opponents can’t message you, or maybe I haven’t discovered it yet. You can also add your friends to play with you but both players have to be online at the same time. But yes, this game is addictive!

Download it here!


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