Ever since I crossed over into the world of iPhones, it’s been so easy to snap images and upload them instantly, which brings me to INSTAGRAM.

AHAH AHAH. Ok, it is getting late.

So anyway, I’ve been cooking quite a bit this week, baking not so much, other than a failed attempt at chocolate wassants. They don’t even deserve to be up here! 😦 It’s that bad, but my brother thinks otherwise. He polished the whole thing off.

As most on my Twitter list would know, I work crazy hours – but that also gives me opportunities to make my own dinner, which I really enjoy.

Collection of instagram food pictures for this week!

#1 My lunchbox – which gets alot of stares – but I love so much. Other than it being a fanciful item to carry around, it does keep your handbag stench free. And imagine, if you’re carrying soup, and it drips into your bag. THE HORROR. Thus, this is good. Also, I got this in JC and haven’t used this since then. It was from a shop in Heeren, how #oldschool

#2 The fish looks burnt. But I’m uploading it anyway because it’s cooked for me by my dearest brother. The “burnt” effect is a result of the copious amounts of herbs which he poured over. There’s also caramelised onions and garlic, that is all. So healthy, it makes uncomfortable. For healthy cooking, please look for my brother. He eats quinoa, please, who eats that.

#3 And my sister made some potato salad for me too. #blessed.

#4 The day I decided to be adventurous. That’s grilled vegetables on the left (carrots, tomatoes, onions, cucumber) and on the right, breaded salmon with lavender mustard.

#5 Creamy pasta – tried to be a little healthy and added carrots which are negligible compared to the sausage, mushrooms and the sauce. :3

#6 Today’s dinner – wraps with pan-fried chicken topped with oregano and basil, with sauteed mushrooms, lettuce and slathered with wholegrain mustard. This was actually pretty healthy….I believe.

I will end this post by saying that I will improve on my photography skills :3 and till the next instagram post!


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