Oh I absolutely love this place! ❤

I’ve been there twice in a span of 3 weeks maybe, and I had friends telling me, “YOU’RE THERE AGAIN?” It may seem as if I have alot of places that I love, but hey, I do QC the places I include here 😀 Then you’ll say, “why so defensive!” … LOL, I have running thoughts like that in my mind all the time.

So since I’m on a blogging roll, I decided to keep it up with a recommendation for Japanese cuisine/restaurant. This isn’t your typical Japanese establishment with sushi, sake (well, there probably is), sashimi etc. If you read Sarah’s Loft, you’ll see that there are many similar quaint cafes in Japan too.

The decor is lovely, almost like a country home or a ranch – a lot of bricks, wood, glass bottles that line the wall. It’s a really cozy place to head to with your girlfriends, and with the dimmer lighting, a romantic place for your first date, heh.

Ma Maison's Bugis outlet

My dining companion for the night, V. I managed to snap a mysterious shot of her, and also, because she is extra mysterious, she calls herself V.

Their tablecloth… It’s too be pretty to be used as a tablecloth that I made a conscious effort to prevent food spillage. Plus points for detail and care!

And of course, the reason why we’re all here….their TONKATSU CURRY. Because it’s that yummy, I shall bold it to make it TONKATSU CURRY. There, you got my point. I tried this on both visits. After having it the first time, I knew I couldn’t go wrong on the second try.

Firstly, it’s not oily, which is a huge challenge when the dish is meant to be deep-fried. The meat is so tender, and you taste the hints of fat in the meat. Imagine your teeth sinking into crispy/crunchy (breaded skin), then soft (fat), and next, juicy (meat). This three step process repeats itself for every piece. The portion is also just right, such that it makes your money worth (about $16++), yet you don’t feel like you need to jog right after.

I often find it hard to eat at a place with good tonkatsu at somewhat affordable prices. The standard rate out there seems to be $30 and above.

You can also opt for the set which comes with soup, dessert and I think a salad.

V tried the Cuttlefish Ink Spaghetti which was highly recommended by my friends. It was decent, but the both of us had difficulties trying to fathom the dish e.g how it should taste, how can it taste better.

Other dishes to try are their Escargots, Hamburger Steak and Omu Mushroom Cream Rice (thanks to my fellow Ma Maison-er Sheralyn!).

As always, what’s a meal without the desserts. Lucky us, the cakes were on discount – we got that for about $4 plus per slice. I really loved their Banana Crumble, topped with chunky banana slices, and the sinful but always yummy whipped cream. Also not too sweet. What makes it or breaks it for me when consuming a pie is its pastry, and this was much firmer than the Mixed Berry one below which had gone a little moist – I reckon, many times it’s because of the moisture in the fridge, the “wet” ingredients used.

Coupled with their attentive service, I’m definitely returning for more, you can count on that. I’m already planning for my next trip to try their Tonkatsu at Ma Maison. Yums. 

Ma Maison at Bugis 
200 Victoria Street
#02-51 Bugis Junction
Tel: 6338 4819

Ma Maison at Central
6 Eu Tong Sen Street,
#03-96 The Central
Tel: 6327 8122

Ma Maison at Parco
9 Raffles Boulevard,
PARCO Marina Bay P3-03
Tel: 6338 9391

Also in the Ma Maison family…

Cafe Ma Maison at Parco 
9 Raffles Boulevard,
PARCO Marina Bay P1-27
Tel: 6336 8260

Tonkatsu by Ma Maison
#02-35/36 Mandarin Gallery
Tel: 6733 4541



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