Just when you thought I was done with highlights of Malaysian food from my recent trip, I shall spam you with more pictures – this time, Penang buffet from Princess Terrace Cafe at Copthorne King’s Hotel.

Excuse the image quality, I only had my iphone on hand :/

Copthorne King’s…which one again? Don’t worry, I get confused with the Copthorne range of hotels as well. But FYI, Copthorne King’s is across the road from Grand Copthorne, and it’s a 10 minute walk from Zouk. The one next to Zouk is Grand Copthorne Waterfront…just so you know 🙂

Where was I… oh yes, back to food. This is my second time to Princess Terrace Cafe – last year for my grandma’s birthday, and this year for my dad’s. I think the hotel has done a fairly good job with its branding, everytime I think of Penang buffet, this is one of the places that immediately comes to mind.

So we start off with Prawn Mee, or hae mee. I really love the broth, the richness of the stock is really evident. Plus when you have it hot – as mentioned in my Malacca post – it really makes a world of a difference to me. I had two bowls of these, cos my mom polished off half of my first helping. Prawns were of decent size, a little disappointed with the noodles, a little clumpy and rubbery, but other wise, worth trying for the soup.

Next, Duck Leg Noodle, or more commonly known as ak twee mee sua. A meaty portion of duck, combined with the herbal soup makes me content. Would have skipped the noodles.

Other than these two, you can also choose their Laksa or Char Kway Teow. Their chefs prepare it from the spot and have thoughtfully set aside garnish like lard (oh I love, but abstained thankfully) and red chilli. Btw, their Char Kway Teow is worth the calories.

Ok this one is a little blurry, but you can also DIY your own Rojak or Jiu He Eng Chai (Squid with Kangkong). Would give additional points if they added You Tiao to the variety. And for the unintiated, that’s Fried Doughsticks. Maybe they know that customers like me would only make Rojak with Youtiao and nothing else. Admit it, that’s what you’ll do too :3

Ooh their Satay. Pretty darn good. That’s Sambal Prawns on the side but back to the Satay. You know when there’s small chunks of fat that alternates with the meat. So good. Also subtle enough so that you can indulge guiltlessly in the fatty meat, and very satisfying. That’s what it was.

…Could have used less vinegar in their Ti Kar (Pig’s Trotters).

Their Po Piah was decent, maybe becauses I’m used to my grandma’s Po Piah, and others have not met the mark. But I prefer their Kueh Pie Tees. These are also prepared on the sides by their chefs. As fun as it is, not everything here is DIY ok.


OH THIS I LOVE. Mi Jiang Kueh, but I know it’s usually a fatter and thicker pancake. Does it still count if I say its a crispy Mi Jiang Kueh? Whatever it is, it was really paper thin, which I thought was done really well. Choose from Kaya, Tuna, Peanut and Cheese fillings.

And this is the man/boy who churns out the wonderful Mi Jiang Kueh.

And then, the highlight of the buffet, all the mini kueh kueh!!! It’s so cute isn’t it? Every time I see the spread, I’ll go “SO CUTE!”. As an estimate, each slice is about the size of your thumb. Imagine the detail and care that goes into each piece.

My mom also loved their Apom Balik – it’s a pancake drizzled with banana caramel sauce – sinful.

Also, not forgetting Tau Hway. There’s also Barley with Gingko Nuts and Green Bean Soup, I’m guessing this could be on a weekly rotation.

In addition to these, there’s also a Hot Foods section where there’s items like Pig Stomach Soup, Curry Chicken, Nasi Lemak, and for those who prefer a little Western to mix it up, there’s the Salad Bar.

Overall, there’s a decent variety to choose from, a fair representation if you want an introduction to Penang food. These are hawker dishes that you come to know and love, and while it isn’t you chi-chi place with oysters, truffles and the likes, it’ll be a favourite with those who love their hearty meals.

My second visit was that of many hits and misses, but I’ll willing to give it a third try.

If you have a UOB, DBS card, you get 15% off. And Citibank is 18% off. Don’t say I never share 😀

You can find out more right here.

Princess Terrace Cafe,Copthorne King’s Hotel Singapore
403 Havelock Road
Tel: 6318 3168


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