CNY Special: Peanut Cookies

Chinese New Year is less than a week away. When you get cookies which are sold at the shops for rip-off prices, and even then, these are a hit and miss, some taste really awful! Thus you do the next best thing: Bake your own. As part of our Chinese New Year special, my sister baked some Peanut Cookies yesterday.

For those who don’t know what Chinese New Year is all about, it is basically one of the biggest and probably the most important for the Chinese. It is as simply put, a new year for the Chinese. That involves a lot of feasting, observing many traditions and seeing lots of red (Chinese regard this as a good colour). If that doesn’t satisfy your curiosity, see more here and here.

I’d rather have a half peanut on the top than have crunchy bits inside. Also, you’ve got to have a balance of sweet and saltiness from the peanuts, so that’s something to take note of!

Peanut Cookies

200g ground peanuts
200g flour
1/2 tsp baking powder
100g icing sugar
1/4 tsp salt
100g coarse peanuts (optional)
100g peanut oil (or more)

  • Mix all the ingredients and roll into balls
  • Bake at 165 degrees Celsius for 20 minutes

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