Shoutout: My Cooking Disasters

So, just a quick update before I head out to the hairdresser!

Also, does anyone know of a “Older Posts” function for this theme? I can’t seem to find it!

I tried baking a Nutella Bread Pudding yesterday, but I didn’t keep it in an air tight container overnight, and so I found ants having a ball of a time in there. It would be like a chocolate theme park for them!

So that’s something to remember.

I also made the most epic of epic fail mistakes yesterday. The recipe stated one cup of milk, and it must have been from the jelly the day before. I used mugs then, so I conveniently used mugs as “cups” for my recipe. Thus, my bread pudding had a little too much liquid = fail = will try again.

Another thing, look out for Chinese New Year posts, which will be posted in the coming days! It’s the festive season here in December from December to February, so more om nom nom-ing.

Today, my second most epic mistake, well I had a role to play in this. My sister was baking treats for CNY and I woke to find an entire tray of that thrown away. I fiddled with the oven last night to heat up my pudding, and forgot to turn it back to what we usually use. We got a half baked tray!!

We learn from other people’s mistakes, hehe.


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